CropBuzz Media is there for your business

“Marketing and web presence are crucial to promoting your business, but as an overworked owner of three, I simply can’t carve out the time to make it happen. Kris at Buzz Media understands that and steps in to guide your efforts, capture your voice, and maintain your presence. Whether you need her to edit blogs, manage your Facebook posts and customer testimonials, or recommend various community outreach opportunities, Buzz Media is there for your business. She has been an enormous help to us over the years, making sure our marketing plan is current and moving forward, but also making sure we have a strong, positive community presence which is invaluable in the small business world.” – Darcy Cook, Physical Therapist and Owner of Granite Sports Medicine + Black Dog Rehab

donationsBuzz Marketing was a game changer for me

“Buzz Marketing was a game changer for me. To have all the social media done in advance and scheduled out was great. Then I don’t have to think about posting, and it’s all laid out in a pattern that makes sense for the market. Kris also showed me new ways to market with targeted emails and boosts to specific Facebook audiences. Buzz Marketing has been not only effective, but cost-effective. I’d hire Kris again and again.” – Caron Cooper, CEO and Founder, Community Closet

Highly recommended to get your business plans moving

“I was struggling with marketing and establishing presence for my health coaching business. Kris met me at my level, then challenged me to take actions.  Without her professional and technical expertise I could not have learned, executed plans, and moved forward so quickly.  I highly recommend her to get your business plans moving in the right direction.” – Karen O’Connor, Health Coach 


kari smWorking with Buzz Media has been bee-autiful! 

“Working with Buzz Media was like one-stop shopping, in the best sense of the term. Kris designed my logo, website, helped me identify and communicate with a customer base, and motivated me with substantive and creative questions, data and ideas. Kris was able to help me launch my gourmet garlic business with very little advance notice; she dove in with professionalism, skill, insight, and thoroughness. Kris has the unusual capacity to hold both the long and short views, the micro and the macro. My experience working with Buzz Media has been bee-autiful!” – Kari King, Ponyland Farm

portrait1My business is totally dependent on her great work 

“Kris at Buzz Media has been an integral part of my business for over three years. I have worked with people before who over-promised, under-delivered and overcharged. As a creative artist, my talents don’t include handling the business, promotional and internet parts of selling and showing my work. Kris can handle it all. Kris designed and maintains my website. She has written articles and press releases to promote my business, takes photos of my paintings, maintains my online presence, and basically handles all PR. She is a complete professional at what she does. My business is dependent on her great work and I can’t say enough good things about Buzz Media.” – Edd Enders Art

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